Studies !!

Why do I have to study? It is really boring. Yesterday gave Mock-8 and tomorrow I have fyp viva and project submission. Whew!! I am having a really busy week.

Anyway, let me analyze myself reg Mock-8. Got a score of 56, I did bad. My number of attempts reduced drastically. From 114, I came down to 78. Even though I did well in quant and eng, I did pathetically bad in DI. I won’t be clearing the cut-off in that. I should have attempted more. I had just 18 attempts in DI, whereas my score in DI is generally around 20. Time-management has to improve. I did well in quant. 21 attempts and 19 correct 😀 That is really great.

Since morning I’ve been preparing for the viva tomorrow, am confident that it will go great as both our preps are good. (majji and me)
Just now saw an enthralling football match between aakash and prithvi, studded with an own goals and three late goals, in the last 5 minutes.

I have started watching Friends once again. Saw 1st and 2nd season and now I’ve jumped to season-6. Having a really great time watching them again.
Well I suppose I’ve to study now, if I’ve to live up to my own expectations.

Oct 11th, 6:40 pm


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