A Brief History of Time

It is not exactly “A Brief History of Time” but “A Brief History of Three Months”.
Almost 3 months have passed, and I’ve posted just once.

Bhai went to US, Illinois Institute of Technology – Chicago. Just now chatted with him for about 2 hours. He sent me some photographs from there. Seems to be a nice place.
I also went home, basically to meet bhai, before he left for US. Got job@oracle on 19th July, and I was home on 21st night. Had a gala time there for about 10 days, and then returned to the normal boring life here.
Well not that boring, Counter-Strike had started ruling the labs, instead of Quake. So soon, I was engrossed in gaming. These days quake and CS are both getting equal importance, and so is bzflag. πŸ™‚

Got the TAship for ITWS-3, even though I had not applied for it. I think Pudi referred me. Also started the FYP with majji under Prosenjit Gupta. Really nice project. And the mocks have started. Two hours every sunday, and then the week long analysis. Have a mock tomorrow too. Will reduce my attempts now and concentrate more on accuracy.

Sumati came to Hyderabad. It was great fun. Although she was here only for 4 days, we did loads of masti. We talked endlessly on every topic under the sun. It was one of my most memorable times in Hyderabad. And the bike helped a lot too.. ya, the bike is here. Eventually I asked dad for it, and with some persuasion from mom he sent it to me. Got it on 5th September. It surely is a great advantage here. πŸ™‚ Ohh, I almost forgot, adi got a bike too, Ambition. Incase you are wondering mine is Splendour.

Have seen and I am still seeing lots of movies. The new lab system’s are just great. They are better then the one’s guys have in their rooms. 80GB is too much. At present I am having 30 movies on my system and still it is not even half-full (or half-empty).

In september, we had a week full of birthdays. abhinav, piyush, amal, kg, unni, anubhav and many more in just about 10 days. Twas a great time. (Note the Shakespearen touch :D) Gave bumps daily to adi. (even though his b’day was no where around, he was being kicked for teasing the poor LA people, me being one of the fools who took linear algebra) Once we went for mid-night buffet, saw a beautiful girl there and as usual that started abhinav on girls. Told us he talked to her etc etc. So we got him involved in a bet, saying that he has to go on a date before his birthday. He had 15 days, and it came as no wonder that he lost. So the 8 of us(vidit, rocky, khare, ranta, bapu, jayaram, upadhyay and me) are due to get a treat at melting moments. Hope to get it soon, as abhinav believes in the motto – “Better late, if ever !!”

Well, I believe I have covered the main-points of these three months. And I am being enticed by the tdm going on right now. vidit, bedi, raheja, ketan and pelu are quaking. So bye …

Oct 9th, 7:45 pm


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