Placements rule the day. Each and everyone has just one thought, one aim – a nice job with a fat salary. raheja, majjj and me solved an ibm paper, with special aid from the msbr guys – vidit, ranta and shetty. The msbr people are without a care in the world, all the time enjoying themselves while we try to study. Even the mails have dried up. These days all the mails we get are from IRONhide with the subject “Reg Placements”. I sincerely hope the placement-season gets over as soon as possible, with everyone getting a nice job.

Had a look at the list of FYPs. After vidit stranded me on the verge of finalising the FYP :((, maybe I’ll do it with majjj. Saw the FYPs. Two seem interesting. But FYP is not a major concern right now. The major concern is – ya you guessed it right – placement.

Played TT after a long time today. It seemed that we were having a batch party there. raheja, majjj and me started, soon vidit and prashant joined us and then amal, deadly, pb, jagan and chandu gate-crashed the party and then there was chaos all-around.

Through GTV, joined a quake game on the net and spectated z4muz. It was a good experience, watching the game live instead of a demo and able to comment live !!
parry is back from raipur. So will get some stuff to eat for at least 2-3 days unless abhinav and me are in ravenous form. :))

Filled form for TAship today. Applied for DWDM, Maths-3 and ITWS-1. Lets see if and what do I get. Still undecided about MS. Hopefully will reach a decision soon.

July 10th. 11:12 p.m.


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