After lots and lots of indecisions and loads of senti from vidit, abhinav (he is back from b’lore after his stint at honeywell), piyush and adi I finally shifted from 391 to 96. The room is really great with the stars and hearts the previous occupant has left on the ceiling. They are fluroscent and I think they would disturb me initially when I try to sleep. I have already counted them, 8 small stars, 1 large star and 2 hearts. vidit and adi have gone crazy about them and are getting them soon.

The shifting turned out to be a mammoth task. Courtesy piyush and vidit my shifting was done quite quickly. But vidit still has not shifted completely. He is gonna sleep in abhinav’s room tonight. Loads of cricket has also gone on these past 2 days. Just the pitch too has shifted from 2nd floor to the TV lounge in ground floor. This ground/pitch is much better then the previous one, with more fun. And surprise, Greece defeated Portugal in Euro-2004 final. pudi is there right now, in lisbon, would ask him for details when he comes back.

And how can I forget the delicious samosas from indira nagar. Got 32 of them. But alas the party was incomplete without jalebi. :(( Again vidit is being mentioned as the driver who took me to indira nagar and also as the financer who paid for them. Thanks vidit..

Now I’m broke. Contemplating a loan from abhinav. Anyways I’m thinking of applying for RAship and TAship both, as I want a regular source of income next sem.

These days I’m getting a bit partial towards MS. I’m seriously considering that option now. After the talk with dad when he said I should do both MS and MBA and after satya’s class today (with all the trees reminding me of MVPP and the extension in DWDM — again with vidit) I’ve decided to give GRE immediately after CAT. Will decide something soon after that. Will keep myself posted.

July 6th. 1:27 a.m.


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