Went to watch Deewar today. After about 5-6 months, I’m watching a movie in theater. The movie was ok, but the fun was getting there. khare, rocky, vidit, jayaram, nir and me reached the theater on bikes. majjj, amal, adit and piyush had gone earlier to take the tickets. since imax was houseful we went to ramakrishna.

First the six of us had samosas and mithai in indira nagar. Then took a long detour through Whisper-Valley, Jubilee Hills etc etc to reach there. The usefulness of cell-phones was aptly demonstrated when someone got lost. Generally vidit & khare and nir & me got lost, as jaya knew all the roads. So one calls other, decides on a spot to meet, gets there and waits for the other guys to appear. I drove khare’s bike. Really enjoyed the drive of about 50kms. Came back in 24 minutes from the theater to insti. Then in abhinav’s room watched Shrek-2. A nice movie.

Studied C yesterday, and did nothing today. The placement scenario is still not clear, padmaja is again confusing us all.

Got a room on the ground floor(99), will shift tomorrow. Maybe now I’ll bring the computer from home. And yes Maria Sharapova won wimbledon-2k4. :))

4th July. 4:10 a.m.
Now will go and sleep..


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